DPMP brand water pump & oil pump for construction & auto,high end quality    

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DPMP 金黄绿黑底层次_副本



Who are we?

DPMP is a creation by Tonkee International Co.,Ltd, locating in Guangzhou China.

We focus on technology,production & sale of engine water & oil pump,for construction machine & auto. 2000 square meters of factory hold us up.

A machining plant belong to us,CNC lathe, machining center,grinding machines, heat-treatment line,cleaning machines and of testing equipments,which come from Japan,Korea,stand in factory.  We have fulfilled 2 whole production lines from processing,assembly and testing.

We aren’t  gonna stop in the past,but stay for a while, to grow with customer,for success.


Why always us?

Good price,better quality & best service always accompany us on the way to successs of customer. 

We pay attention to details in outlooking & inside.Colorful packing pleases you,regular surface of item amazes you.Gear,bearing & water seal in it surprise you.

Why always us? You will be aware after communication.


+86 18819281039